Pre School Section

Pre School Section

The Importance of Preschool Learning While most parents consider Kindergarten the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone are an important time for learning as well. Children enter Kindergarten usually at around five years old – but the first five years of life are a critical period for setting the foundations of learning. In fact, the preschool years may be the most important learning time of all. Preschool education is now considered not just a good idea, but very important for a child’s scholastic success.

"At pre-school, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. And, more important, they learn how to get socialize by playway method — get along with other children, share, contribute to circle time." Says Miss Kumari Bheem Gurung, Pre-School Incharge, Srijana.

These skills are an important basis for what children will learn in Kindergarten and beyond. Preschool education provides your child with an opportunity to start a lifelong love of learning. With the use of age-appropriate materials and objectives, you can help your child to practice skills, lay the framework for more advanced learning, and most importantly discover that learning is fun. The motivation to learn is an important factor in school success.

Srijana adopts ECEC method of teaching and learning in Pre-School Section.

Pre-school education with ECEC provides a child with many benefits, including:

  • Longer attention span, making it easier to focus in class.
  • Advanced language skills that form the basis for reading and writing.
  • Becoming accustomed to structure and scheduled activities.
  • Important social skills are learned in a play and learn environment
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