School overview

School overview

A landmark in structure, a hallmark in education

over4Srijana Secondary Boarding School was established in 2050 B.S(1993) with a sole objective of serving the nation in gaining titanic leap in today's global scenario headed for 21st century relevant science and management education. School is located at the heart of Pokhara. It is the  Secondary School of +2 Science and management. The organization is promoted by a group of professors, long experienced academicians and professionals motivated to contribute in the field of establishing time demanded educational institutions of distinctive identity in Nepal.

Along with several of ups and downs, Srijana   remains today at the topmost rank among highly recognized educational institutions of the country. Over the past 25 years SRIJANA, School of science and management   has  been enjoying  and cheering its unparallel academic excellence and reputation. With the maxim, "INTEGRATION THROUGH  EDUCATION" the pursuit of excellence has been a hallmark of SRIJANA.  School recently has developed new programs, infrastructures and facilities to support academic affairs with easy access of leading-edge resources.
We are proud of students responsiveness and quality education ,hence have a commitment to making SRIJANA a place where  smart and forward thinking  students learn and it leads them  to be the pioneer in the diverse field of  SEICENCE AND MODERN TECHNOLOGY of 20 1ST century. It has earned  its value from the spirited and innovative  students ,trust of the parents and outstanding teaching faculties.
So, It expects you to be a part of it.

Srijana Secondary Boarding School SSBS promoted by a team of dedicated and well experienced academicians and professionals, has been and will be committed to providing quality education. This institution was established with the aim of shaping the students into competent and efficient citizens for a better professional carrier and at the same time to prepare them for higher level studies. Srijana Secondary Boarding School has its own building that boasts of spacious, airy rooms with student-friendly sitting arrangements. We are centrally located, at the same time insulated from noise and rush of the city.

We learn as we grow

over3“We learn as we grow and we grow as we learn.” so aptly befitting the 24 years young, ‘The Srijana Secondary Boarding School;’ that has rolled so confidently on the wheels of speedy success, be it in the field of education or co-curricular activities, winning laurels and accolades in the State and the Country.

SSBS sustains and maintains its proud heritage of quality teaching & learning, occupational health & safety and safe environmental practices through the combined effort of the dedicated students, staff and parents.

Because you will be in a excellent group of motivated and creative students.
Because you will discover a wealth of opportunities to make meaningful contribution to your nation.
Because there is a work, a creation and discovery that won't get done in your absence and until you do it.
So, if you are intelligent to take intellectual ricks, there is no other school than Srijana in the country to discover your own potential.


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