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Chinese Language Classes

  • Chinese language is the present high demand and globally spreading language. We believe that in next 10 years the demand of manpower fluent in chinese language is going to be high. In order to create self-empowered and self-employed citizen, Srijana has been conducting Chinese Language Classes with support of Embassy of People's Republic of China, Nepal from academic session of 2075 B.S. for students of Grade II to Grade VII.
  • Two chinese teachers Xia zin han & Chen yao are deployed from Embassy of People's Republic of China, Nepal
  • "Chinese language is recognized globally as one of the most useful language, by learning which students can be more competitive in this rapidly changing and developing world. However as educators we are not willing to advocate utilitarianism; instead we just simply believe acquiring a new language is some enjoyable experience and in this case Srijana is undoubtly the best place for children who want to study and grow up happily" - Says, Xia zi han, Chinese Language Teacher, Srijana.


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